St. Louis to host 2018 ISO conference

The annual meeting of the International Service Organization will be held the weekend of April 20-22, 2018, in St. Louis. ISO had tentatively approved St. Louis as the site, contingent on approval from the local Intergroup. After the intergroup approved, the Executive Committee, on behalf of ISO, voted to accept the offer.

Further details will be forthcomin in the weeks and months ahead.


New literature pricing structure

by John F., fiduciary chair, ISO

Effective immediately, the Fiduciary Committee is implementing the new wholesale pricing structure approved at the most recent ISO meeting in Los Angeles.

Registered SCA groups and intergroups qualify for a wholesale discount of 40%, as do retail bookstores. Once you register, you will receive a special code that needs to be included with each order, as well as a special page for placing the order.

Individuals, families, friends, and helping professionals do not qualify for the discount. 

The wholesale price of the Starter Kit will drop substantially. Additionally, we will now notify prospective purchasers that they might qualify for a free Starter Kit if they are starting a meeting in an area that doesn’t already have one.

The wholesale price of pamphlets (four-folds) will rise slightly to cover our costs; previously some of them had sold at a loss.

These changes will enable intergroups and meetings to charge a fair retail price to members, the same that ISO will charge the general public.  As a result, ISO will no longer be competing with groups in selling literature. (Previously, groups paid the same price as the general public, plus shipping costs, meaning groups had to sell literature at a loss, or else charge a price higher than ISO’s website.)

Shipping charges will remain the same and are based on the retail price, not the wholesale price.

Pamphlets will now retail for $20 for a pack of 25; with the wholesale discount the price is $12. Brochures (5×8 size) will be standardized at a retail cost of $3.50; wholesale $2.10.

The Starter Kit, previously $48.50, will now cost $25 wholesale. Retail sales are discouraged. People who wish to start a meeting in an area that doesn’t have one will probably qualify for a free Starter Kit and should contact the Inreach Committee. Those wishing to start a meeting where one already exists can get the wholesale price if they go through the existing meeting; otherwise they can pay $41.66 retail.

The Little Blue Book’s retail price remains unchanged at $7.50. It can now be ordered at that price directly from (We do not endorse or lend the SCA name to Amazon but merely use it as a retail channel.) Significantly, the wholesale price will be $4.50.

For other items, the retail prices (and wholesale) are:

  • Radio PSA Kit $10 (and $6)
  • El Librito Azul $6 (and $3.60)
  • Best of the SCAnner $5 (and $3)
  • How to Start an SCA Meeting $1.25 (and $0.75)

To inquire about how to register for a wholesale discount, contact your ISO Regional Coordinator, the ISO Inreach Chair, or me as ISO Fiduciary Chair.

Conference in Madrid

Madrid will be the site of a weekend conference for sex addicts in Spain. The conference is being held by Sex Addicts Anonymous and will be held Oct. 6-8.

SAA is not affiliated with Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, but we in SCA cooperate with them in keeping with the Sixth Tradition. Historically, both SCA and SAA have participated in the Interfellowship Forum and have decided by Group Conscience to mutually accept their Third Traditions as equivalent.

The flier is in Spanish, and presumably the conference will be in Spanish as well. For further information, contact the organizers as listed in the flier below.


New Hearing-Impaired Meeting in Berlin

Matthias reports from Berlin…

Beginning in August 2017, Berlin will offer a “barrier-free” SCA meeting that can accommodate those who are hearing impaired. The meeting will take place on Wednesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. and is open to all. The meeting format will be based on a reading from the daily meditation book “Answers in the Heart.”

The founder of this meeting is a professional sign-language interpreter who signs and interprets in both German and English. Hearing-impaired addicts will have a chance to share, be “heard,” and “listen” to the other participants.

To find out more about this meeting, please see the SCA International Meeting List. In the event the interpreter cannot make a meeting, you will be informed in advance.

We hope to see you soon!

SCA Berlin Intergroup

Call for help from Fiduciary

The Fiduciary Committee has two service positions open. If you’re interested in either, or have a sponsee who might be, please contact the committee through the ISO site, 

1) Webmaster. This person will supervise the transition to our new website design, with the assistance of John F (interim web helper) and Marty S (chair of ad-hoc website redesign committee). After the transition is complete, the webmaster will be responsible for keeping the content current, implementing any desired changes after consultation with the Fiduciary Committee, and generally being responsible for the site. Over the past two years, changes have been minimal, so this position can have a small commitment of time or a large one, depending on the desires of the webmaster. This position may be filled from anywhere, the person does not need to be a US resident. The webmaster will be expected to participate in the Fiduciary Committee, including its quarterly phone calls, and to present an annual written report. 

2) International Meeting List updater. This requires a commitment of perhaps an hour a month to keep the International Meeting List current. Notice of changes come from the Inreach Committee. This position may be filled from anywhere, the person does not need to be a US resident. If he or she wishes, the updater may participate in the Fiduciary Committee, including its quarterly phone calls, and present an annual written report, although this is neither expected nor required. 

Changes in Berlin

Matthias reports from Berlin …

One of Berlin ́s SCA meetings has changed its day, time and location. We can offer you now a weekend meeting on Saturday 7 PM- 8 PM, open to men and women and conducted in English and German.

You can find information about all our SCA meetings in Berlin in the updated International Meeting List. (Big thanks to ISO for this service!)

So if you ́re in town, we will be glad and thankful to meet you there!
SCA Berlin Intergroup

ISO holds its annual conference

The annual meeting of the International Service Organization took place over the weekend in Los Angeles. For those who find a two-hour Intergroup business meeting stressful, just imagine meeting for 16 hours over three days!

Needless to say, a lot was accomplished. Stay tuned for reports to come.