Sex Anyone the Musical

        A new musical about sexual compulsion, “Sex Anyone,” will be presented in Los Angeles in a limited engagement the first two weekends in May. It’s about Mike, a sex addict looking for love. He’ll need a miracle to succeed — and he finds one.

The show centers around Sexual Obsessives Anonymous, a fictional 12-Step program. You’ll probably recognize your friends — or yourself — in its meetings. SCA members get a 20% discount using the code SOA20 before May 1. For information go to:



from Dr. Alexandra Katehakis – Outside Director for SCA :

“We’re living in a disruptive time; pandemics, war, and climate change disasters are on the rise. I don’t
think we’re ever “going back” to what was. As such, I believe we will continue to see an increase in
addiction as people grasp to regulate themselves and find meaning in a topsy-turvy world. Sadly, the
current sociopolitical climate engenders isolation, violence, and deprivation of those in need making
SCA and its services more critical. SCA will remain a beacon of light through inclusivity, a place for
people to find a “home” where they won’t be judged, and caring fellows to soothe and support them.
May you all flourish and be well.”

from SCA Berlin Intergroup

SCA Berlin Intergroup would like to send our best thanks to the 12 step outreach committe of SCA Los Angeles, and to all ISO Members who were engaged with that issue, to make  it possible for us to use the outreach-poster for public information in Berlin. We appreciate your support a lot!
in fellowship
(ISO Rep. for Berlin Intergroup)

Outreach to the courts in Southern California

By John F., SCA Inreach Committee chair

Angeles Intergroup has been discussing how best to respond to people
ordered by the local courts to attend 12-Step meetings for sexual
recovery. Often, these people begin with a phone call seeking
information. And the courts themselves often seek information. So the Intergroup has been discussing what to
include in the information packet that goes out to the courts.

The intergroup chair has asked the outreach volunteers to work on the wording
and “messaging” so to make sure they are giving a concise and consistent
message which spreads the SCA message across various platforms.

keeping with the traditions, the chair expressed the hope that information about other
fellowships, rehabs, psychiatrists, recovery institutes, etc., would be
eliminated or kept to a bare minimum as SCA has “no opinion on outside
matters” nor do we “affiliate” with outside organizations. SCA has a
strong fellowship with an abundance of resources to help all addicts
who suffer from sexual compulsion. The
packet would also direct the clerks of the court to discard any
outdated meeting list and provide them with the most current copy, which
indicates which meetings sign court papers and which do not.

The LA phone list person, who has been taking these calls, suggested that a brief FAQ also be included in the packet for the first time, with some suggestions:

Where do I sign up to attend?
A. You don’t; just
show up at ANY of the meetings on the list that have “COURT” in
their description. No reservation required. But you MUST show up on time.

How much does it cost?

A. We have no dues or fees for membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. People generally make a donation of a dollar or two at each meeting to help cover the rent of the room and the like, but this is totally up to you — your presence is more important than your money.

What is a court form? Where do I get one?

A. It is a form that
you have the meeting secretary sign and date each time you attend, to show the
judge. But you MUST arrive on time for the meeting, or the secretary will not
sign it.

Is there a meeting in my hometown?

A. All Los
Angeles area meetings are on the enclosed list; there are no others at this

Are there meetings in Spanish?

A. Two each week,
Silverlake and Long Beach, on meeting list.

How often can I go and have it count toward my total?

A. That’s up to the judge, but many allow you to go as often as you like.
There are meetings in the LA area every day of the week.