Los Angeles Pride Outreach Recap

SCA Los Angeles performed a weekend of outreach at the LGBT Pride festival in West Hollywood 6/12/15 – 6/14/15.

At the Pride festival, there was a special area that orgaziners had set up for fellows in recovery to celebrate in a safe sober space.  This area, #Sizzle, included a DJ and ten carnival games/booths which were supported from various outreach groups supporting recovery and/or prevention in the LGBT community.

This was our first time doing outreach at Pride and it was a great success.  Fellowship volunteers worked shifts to cover the booth and interact with festival attendees. 

We are also following up our outreach to newcomers with a workshop and discussion panel on July 11, 2015 from 10am-12pm at Plummer Park.  This workshop will offer newcomers the opportunity to ask questions and learn about meeting formats, 12-step work and other tools of the program.  Members are being encouraged to attend to offer support and interim sponsorship.

Outreach Committee Report – Doing 12th Step Work for the Global Fellowship

The Outreach Committee handles a number of vital functions, such as our 800-number, PO Box, and email account. Ongoing projects include the sponsor-by-mail prisoner outreach. The committee’s leadership has undergone several turnovers in the past couple years, so additional projects have been on hold. 

Our highest priorities would be reaching out to professional organizations and developing our capacity to respond to media queries. We also want to place SCA ads in relevant apps and online resources, such as recovery blogs, publications, and search engines. To strengthen the outreach committee’s team, we hope to recruit the outreach/12th-step committee chairs from the various Intergroups to join our committee. Another project would be to reach out to the other S-fellowships regarding an agreement not to solicit one another’s members. Finally, we would like to contact other 12-step groups that make referrals, such as AA, and ask them to include SCA. 

We believe that these efforts could significantly impact the growth of our fellowship in the future. The Outreach Committee is always open to people who want to contribute their talents. In particular, we are seeking someone to Chair the committee. Any nominations should be sent to the Inreach Nominating Committee at sca [dot] iso [dot] inreach [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Fiduciary Chair Report

The Fiduciary Chair is the administrative support for SCA,  maintaining the financial records, creating a yearly budget, and safeguarding all the records with archiving responsibilities for prior year records.

We ensure the website is up to date and current, and currently are redoing it and in the redesign stage.  The programming stage will soon follow to get it up and running.

We are also in the midst of moving our archives and trying to get it all electronic and securely stored. We are looking at ways to help pay for our reps to attend the annual face to face meetings so there would be more attendance and feedback at the conference. We already have in place for our officers to get reimbursed for there expense. We are working to make sure we have a private policy in place so that if anyone orders anything through us knows how we gather and use the information that is provided to us. We are also looking into how that information is stored so it doesn’t get lost or hacked into with the information that is gathered.