Sept. 25th Meditation: Making Program Calls

Monday, September 25th

Program calls scare me. What if I call someone, and they sound annoyed that I called them?

Making a program call can be considered a leap of faith. We reach out to another member on the phone, hoping to speak to them about some issues with our recovery. We do not know how the call will turn out, and we may not hear what we expect, which can lead us to feel disappointed.

Dwelling on such disappointments can create a resentment. It can also add to our feelings of low self-esteem and humiliation. We may think we are being “punished” for taking positive action.

Recovery seldom proceeds in a straight line. As we work our program, we will likely encounter frustrations and setbacks. If a phone call doesn’t work out the way we hoped, we can call someone else. It’s not a big deal. We can remind ourselves that others have their own priorities, and we can let this one go, as we do with other resentments. We keep using the Tools, including making phone calls, to help our sobriety.

That phone call reaffirmed my sense of connection and healing.

Sept. 24th Meditation: Relating to Others in Recovery

Sunday, September 24th

I used to cringe when that other person shared. I couldn’t possibly relate to their issues.

SCA meetings are spaces where members can share their experience, strength, and hope in mutual support. We welcome all: the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop having compulsive sex.

We may experience some sense of hope, community, and healing at a meeting. Sometimes, though, one might find it difficult to relate to a reading or a particular share. The slogan Take what you like and leave the rest reminds us that shares impact different people differently.

We might find ourselves harshly judging some fellow members and wanting to avoid them while admiring others and wanting to become like them. Some of us will judge others for trivial reasons.

Most meetings establish rules about crosstalk and subject matter, but there is usually plenty of latitude about what people say at meetings. Someone may bring up current events, politics, or social media in a way we find distracting or even offensive. Everyone’s recovery journey is unique. Through our work, we can develop compassion for ourselves and tolerance for others.

That member’s share brought me to tears. The feelings she described were also mine.

15th Annual “S” Retreat in Eureka, MISSOURI

September 29 · 4pm – October 1 · 1pm CDT- STEPPING INTO WHOLENESS                                                                                                                                             The focus of this retreat is on moving beyond guilt and shame into healthy, integrated recovery utilizing the 12 steps and other program tools of recovery.  For more information please visit their website:

SCA-JAPAN Convention 2023

SCA-JAPAN Convention 2023 will be held in Fukuoka for two days, November 4th(Sat)and 5th(Sun).

The first day is a closed meeting where people with sexual compulsion or think they may have 
it can participate. On the second day, in addition to those involved, family and friends, 
medical, supporters, and lawyers can also participate.

On the second day, we will invite Dr. Takeo Muto of Koyodai Hospital to give a lecture. 
Please visit their website for more information: