The WhatsApp SCA Group is over a year old and has over 90 members.  You can easily download WhatsApp on your cell phone.  SCA Speakers will be sharing their experience, strength, using SCA Literature.  There have been some recent changes to our format to include one recorded long share on Wednesdays and readings of the SCA Daily Meditations. Members can now respond via recorded voice or by text.

To join the Saint Louis Whatsapp Group or invite others to join go to:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/J4hvQ5EZYdc0JxfNtO0yc1This is like having a meeting in your pocket that you can take anywhere.  For anyone new to the Fellowship, please go to the SCA Website, sca-recovery.org , to find in-person meetings or more information.

Questions & Thoughts

Question: I’ve heard that “you’ve got to hit a bottom for the program to work”. How do I know if I’ve hit BOTTOM?


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My view on “hitting bottom” is best expressed by the late David N., who wrote most of the Afterword for our Characteristics Commentary (P. 52 of the SCA Recovery Book) his words: “Some have suggested that we hit bottom when we stop digging: we finally realize how deep the hole in us had become.”

Eventually, my overwhelming desire to sexually act out led to a period where I despaired of ever being able to stop my behaviors. For me, that was “hitting bottom”. I gave up trying to dig further, and looked up, but couldn’t see the sky. I decided that I might as well go to a Twelve-Step meeting —which I had been avoiding—to see if I might find some possibility of breaking out of my downward spiral.  — Anonymous


Toronto Meetings:  All SCA meetings in Toronto are Closed, i.e. for sexual compulsives only. We ask that only those qualifying under SCA’s Third Tradition “The only requirement for SCA membership is a desire to stop having compulsive sex” attend our meetings. Members of SCA also work on issues such as Love Addiction, Romantic Obsession and Sexual Anorexia, and individuals with these and similar problems are welcome at our meetings.

Please see the Area Meetings page for a list of SCA meetings in the Greater Toronto Area: https://sca-recovery.org/WP/meetings/tuesday-evening/?tsml-day=2&tsml-query=INPERSON&tsml-region=canada

SCA-JAPAN Convention 2023

SCA-JAPAN Convention 2023 will be held in Fukuoka for two days, November 4th(Sat)and 5th(Sun).

The first day is a closed meeting where people with sexual compulsion or think they may have 
it can participate. On the second day, in addition to those involved, family and friends, 
medical, supporters, and lawyers can also participate.

On the second day, we will invite Dr. Takeo Muto of Koyodai Hospital to give a lecture. 
Please visit their website for more information:  https://www.sca-japan.org

Introducing the SCA Step Workbook

The SCA Step Workbook, approved by the ISO Conference in April 2023, is now available for free download from our international website: www.sca-recovery.org under the “Literature and Resources” tab. 
It is in “fillable PDF” format. You can download the document and then update, share, and store it in your own private files. Please note that the worksheets appear after the three blank “Additional notes” pages following Step Twelve.

Hear SCA Speakers Share

This is an invite to join the NEW WhatsApp SCA Group.  This Literature group is part of the “Speaker Meeting of the St. Louis Group”.  You can download WhatsApp on your cell phone.  SCA Speakers will be sharing their experience, strength, using SCA Literature.

To join this group or invite others to this group:
https://chat.whatsapp.com/J4hvQ5EZYdc0JxfNtO0yc1The official start will be January 1, 2023, but the first speaker is already posted. Don’t miss it!

This is an audio only meeting. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday new speakers will be posted. The shares are 10-15 minutes on a topic from SCA literature or other conference approved literature from other fellowships.

Feel invited to share your experience, strength and hope on the topic in by recording in WhatsApp.  Once you’re in the App, you will see a microphone on the lower right corner of the screen. The speaking time limit is 3 minutes of recorded audio.

For anyone new to the Fellowship, please go to the SCA Website to find in-person meetings or more information at sca-recovery.org.

Publication of the 3rd Edition, E-Book Version of “SCA: A Program of Recovery”

Fiduciary has created and published an e-book version of the new revised and expanded version of ” A Program of Recovery”.  It is available  on all three (3) platforms (Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Google Play),  for sale at $7.99.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments to fiduciary@sca-recovery.org.

Apple iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/sca-a-program-of-recovery-3rd-edition-revised-and-expanded/id1580401199?ls=1  (or search for “SCA” using the app)

Amazon Kindle:


Google Play: