Publication of the 3rd Edition, E-Book Version of “SCA: A Program of Recovery”

Fiduciary has created and published an e-book version of the new revised and expanded version of ” A Program of Recovery”.  It is available  on all three (3) platforms (Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Google Play),  for sale at $7.99.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments to

Apple iBooks:  (or search for “SCA” using the app)

Amazon Kindle:

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SCA European Zoom Meeting

SCA has a new Zoom meeting (in English) on Monday evenings at 8 pm Central European time.  For access see the SCA International Meeting List (IML) on
This meeting, which runs for one hour, includes readings from SCA and other recovery literature, as well as member shares. The reading format changes each week and follows a monthly cycle.

SCA e-Books Available

Please announce to your groups and members that the following SCA literature is now available on Amazon Kindle, Google Books and Apple iBooks:

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous: A Program of Recovery
Avoiding Common Pitfalls on the Road of Recovery
Avoiding Common Pitfalls on the Road of Recovery
Q&A: A Guide to Newcomers to Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
Sponsorship in SCA
El Librito Azul (Spanish Edition)
What About Masturbation?
Secret Shame: Sexual Compulsion in the Lives of Gay Men and Lesbians
Additional “read-only” literature can be found on:    and