12 Step Weekly Workshops

Through a precise personal application of all Twelve Steps in the textbook Alcoholics Anonymous, attendees will experience the process for radical change in the way they think, feel and behave. Participants will identify their sources of serial suffering and chronic unhappiness. These workshops reveal resources and tools for healing and a life that flourishes. Each person has the opportunity to learn and practice skills which establish and foster a sense of well-being and joy. This 12 Step process promises enlightenment for all who embrace and incorporate this Way of Life.

Pray each day: “Setting Aside” prior knowledge and experience.
Complete the reading assignment each week.
Listen each week to the pre-recorded workshop commentary for each Step.
Write each week for personal reflection, knowledge and deeper experience.
Attend each week to ask questions, discuss assignments and share experiences.
Have an unmarked Big Book, a binder for support material, paper and a pen.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. Access will be provided once you register. For more information: https://herbk.com/bigbook/


Toronto Meetings:  All SCA meetings in Toronto are Closed, i.e. for sexual compulsives only. We ask that only those qualifying under SCA’s Third Tradition “The only requirement for SCA membership is a desire to stop having compulsive sex” attend our meetings. Members of SCA also work on issues such as Love Addiction, Romantic Obsession and Sexual Anorexia, and individuals with these and similar problems are welcome at our meetings.

Please see the Area Meetings page for a list of SCA meetings in the Greater Toronto Area: https://sca-recovery.org/WP/meetings/tuesday-evening/?tsml-day=2&tsml-query=INPERSON&tsml-region=canada