E-Book Version of Avoiding Common Pitfalls – 2nd Edition Now Available for Sale

E-Book Version of Avoiding Common Pitfalls is now available for sale on any of our three (3) E-Book platforms. This version contains all of the revisions and additions included in the corresponding chapter in the new Recovery Book. The price for the E-Book is $0.99.


Available on Apple iBooks here

Available of Amazon Kindle here

Available of Google Play here


Other E-Book versions of chapters containing new material will be available in the coming months.

Post and Update your SCA meeting information

Please keep our International Meeting List (located at sca-recovery.org) apprised of any changes that may take place.

We have just learned that there has been a SCA In-Person meeting ongoing, every Sunday at 7:30pm in San Antonio, Texas for the last 8 months.  It is growing and is now listed on our meeting list.

By having your meeting listed you get the support of the whole fellowship.  Everything from new literature announcements to ongoing service opportunities.

Now Available – 3rd Edition – printed version

SCA: A Program of Recovery - 3rd Edition SCA: A Program of Recovery – 3rd Edition – Revised and Expanded $19.99

This book contains over 200 pages of more than four decades of experience, strength, and hope in recovery from sexual compulsion. It has been written, edited, and published entirely by members of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA). This 3rd edition is an expanded and updated version of SCA’s previous recovery book. It includes commentaries on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions as adapted from the original principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, as written by members of SCA, and personal stories of recovery.

To order please go to our online Literature Store at sca-recovery.org

How to Handle a Zoom Bombing

How to Handle a Zoom Bombing:

(uninvited participants disrupting and vandalizing the virtual meeting room)

Recommended Best practices:

  • Each meeting secretary should claim the host responsibilities by entering a host key or pin as soon as they log into the meeting.
  • Ask someone to serve as a CO-HOST and make that person a co-host. It’s helpful for regular chairing activities (such as for re-muting people who forget to do that) and also you will need the help FAST if a “Zoom Bomb” situation comes up. Here are some recommendations on how to handle a “Zoom Bomb”:
  • Enable the waiting room feature-it is located in the “Security” icon which appears after host is claimed.
  • The hosts needs to accept those in the waiting room to enter the zoom meeting.
  • Anyone can be removed from a Zoom meeting by clicking on their name and remove them or send them back to the waiting room.


  • SUSPEND PARTICIPANT ACTIVITIES by clicking on the “Security” tab on the Zoom toolbar. Then Click on the red “SUSPEND PARTICIPANT ACTIVITIES” button at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Then Click on SUSPEND – This will:

a. Lock the meeting so no one new can enter.

b. Enable the waiting room.

c. Hide profile pictures.

d. Disable Share Screen.

e. Disable Chat.

f. Disable the ability for people to rename themselves.

g. Disable the ability for people to unmute themselves.

h. Disable the ability for people to turn on their video

  • Open the participants list, SELECT DISRUPTIVE PEOPLE, click “MORE” and then “Put in Waiting Room.” We recommend this over “Report” or “Remove” people as you may be moving quickly and don’t want to accidentally report or remove a fellow from entering the meeting again

Once the room seems clear of uninvited participants, you need to click on “Security” again and:

a. Unlock the Room (click “Lock Room” to uncheck it).

b. Allow Profile Pictures (click to uncheck it).


d. Turn on Chat (click “Chat” and a checkmark will appear).

e. Turn on Rename Themselves (click “Rename Themselves” and a checkmark will appear).

f. Turn on Unmute Themselves (click “Unmute Themselves ” and a checkmark will appear).

g. Turn on Start Video (click “Start Video” and a checkmark will appear).

  • You may ask all remaining participants to start their video to verify they are intended participants in the room.
  • Report the Zoom Bombing to your Intergroup via email. Please include details (meeting, time, when the zoom bombing began, and other relevant information.) More information is available here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360041848151


Publication of the 3rd Edition, E-Book Version of “SCA: A Program of Recovery”

Fiduciary has created and published an e-book version of the new revised and expanded version of ” A Program of Recovery”.  It is available  on all three (3) platforms (Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Google Play),  for sale at $7.99.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments to fiduciary@sca-recovery.org.

Apple iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/sca-a-program-of-recovery-3rd-edition-revised-and-expanded/id1580401199?ls=1  (or search for “SCA” using the app)

Amazon Kindle:


Google Play: