ISO Diversity and Inclusivity Policy

(Approved October/2020)

Mutual respect and acceptance for all have always been central to maintaining safety within
the SCA fellowship. With the greater awareness of differences within the SCA community,
the time has come to make these precepts more explicit.

As stated in Tradition One: “Our experience shows that it is essential that SCA meetings be
places where members feel accepted and free to share their experiences with sexual compulsion
honestly and openly, without fear of being shamed or judged.” Self-acceptance and acceptance
of others are fundamental to recovery in SCA. SCA unity depends on the practice of this
universal acceptance.

Rather than reference a list of identities entitled to this respect, acceptance, and tolerance, we
affirm that these practices apply to all who seek sexual recovery under our Third Tradition:
“The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop having compulsive sex.” We further
encourage non-judgment in all matters relating to others, as we wish to be free of judgment
ourselves. Personal recovery depends on SCA unity.

Diversity and inclusivity are essential to welcoming all people into the rooms. If people of
marginalized groups feel welcome, they can start to reduce their shame: not just the shame of
their compulsive sexual behaviors, but the shame of feeling “other.” The eradication of shame
is critical for mental health and recovery over time.

Like other 12-Step groups, SCA takes no position on outside issues. However, when any
language or practice supporting inclusivity benefits the recovery of its members, it is
appropriate to encourage or suggest that these be adopted at the meeting level, recognizing that
each meeting is autonomous and can choose whether or not to do so.

SCA is committed to safe and productive meetings for all members. Members are encouraged
to be inclusive, respectful, and kind to all others. We affirm that discrimination,
microaggression, and harassment have no place in SCA meetings. The trusted servants of any
meeting are encouraged to firmly but gently flag disrespectful conduct. They may respectfully
take other actions as deemed necessary to maintain safety within the group, recognizing that
awareness of these issues is often lacking.

The founding of the SCA fellowship came about, in part, because of the lack of acceptance or
tolerance of different sexual orientations by others. Creating a safe space for diversity creates
an environment for members to make themselves vulnerable by getting honest. Trust in the
fellowship is a crucial component for recovery

2nd ISO Zoom room added

SCA is here to support you and has added a second ISO Zoom room, which will be available exclusively for SCA recovery meetings. The recording system has been disabled for the new room. Therefore, SCA should not hold any of its business meetings on this channel.

Please be aware that this room was created specifically to enable new meetings to access Zoom, wherever they happen to be. If you or someone you know wants to start a new meeting, it is very important that they contact Gary S., the Inreach Chair at to coordinate meeting times, and to allow us to list the meeting on our international website. 

Saturday Workshops on the 14 Characteristics

The ISO Recovery Book sub-committee wants your input!

SCA’s International Service Organization (ISO) will hold a series of Saturday afternoon workshops to read and discuss the recently submitted draft commentaries on The 14 Characteristics Most of Us Seem to have in Common.   

These drafts have not yet been considered by ISO to become Conference-approved SCA literature. All members of the fellowship are welcome to attend any or all of these sessions.  These workshops will be held every Saturday from October 31st through December 12th. The intent is to read the commentaries on two (2) characteristics at each session, followed by open sharing and a short, simple survey to obtain feedback. Each session will also include a reading of the Prologue and Epilogue, the chapters that introduce and summarize the commentaries.

These workshops will take place on Saturday afternoons, beginning October 31st at 3:00 pm USA Eastern Time in ISO Zoom room #2.  Contact Gary S. at for the Zoom room number and password, then use the link below:

We look forward to your participation and hearing your comments on the proposed literature.

October 2020 ISO Conference

The ISO has voted to conduct a special conference entirely on the Zoom platform on Saturday, October 24th, 2020 Noon – 5pm, and Sunday Noon-4pm [Note: all times are EDT= GMT- 4:00].
The primary focus of this conference is to consider specific pieces of new literature and other items of SCA business.

Please e-mail me at for the Zoom meeting ID (phone access code) and password.

SCA Groups moving from Yahoo to Google

Attention all members: we will soon be discontinuing our use of the Yahoo groups for ISO business. All members of the current ISO list YahooGroup were issued invitations yesterday (Oct 30th) to join the google groups which will be replacing Yahoo. It is incumbent upon you, the addressee, to accept the invitation if you wish to continue receiving ISO messages, conversations and files. You must respond within the next 48 hours, at which time the invitation will expire.
If you would like to become a member of the SCA Outreach, Inreach, Recoverybook,or Literature Development groups, send your request with your e-mail to:

Now Available for Review

New SCA Conditionally Approved Literature

“The Promises” has now been printed and is being distributed to various intergroups, meetings and individuals. Members are encouraged to read it and make comments and suggestions for the Literature Development Committee to consider and/or incorporate into their recommendations for ISO approval.

Please submit your suggestions to the  following address:

Also let David N. know if you need additional copies mailed to you:


Needs Your Commentary on any of The Characteristics

The Recovery Book Subcommittee of SCA’s International Service Organization is inviting interested SCA members to submit their personal commentaries for consideration for use in an upcoming Recovery Book or other SCA publication.  Please target for around 500 words and suggest a title.

(Commentaries should not contain references to personally identify the author and may be edited.  SCA-ISO would own the rights to publish these stories in any of its publications.)

Please submit to by the deadline of December 31, 2019.

You may also submit questions about the process of development and publication of the SCA Recovery Book, or requests for support and suggestions of how to begin writing your personal story of recovery to

SCA-ISO Conference Chicago May 3-5, 2019

You’re invited to participate in this year’s

SCA International Service Organization’s (ISO) Annual Conference.

This year’s ISO conference will take place from Friday May 3rd through Sunday May 5th in Chicago IL. Any SCA member may attend, and we especially encourage representatives from intergroups and/or meetings to do so. You don’t have to travel to be a part of the ISO Conference. Using the app StartMeeting will allow you to fully participate from your home, allowing you to see documents that are being discussed, as well as engage in any discussion and voting.

The ISO was created by SCA in 1990 to serve all intergroups and meetings worldwide.  ISO approves,  publishes and distributes SCA approved literature. It also maintains the website:, it answers inquiries via phone, letters and email, encourages and helps support the development of new SCA meetings. ISO also reaches out to families and friends, the courts, institutions, the media, and professionals to make them aware of SCA  and its purpose.

Among the Fiduciary, Outreach and Inreach topics to be discussed and voted upon this year will include 3 pieces of new SCA Literature. All of these documents have been sent to ISO delegates currently registered in our SCA  ISO Yahoo group. If your intergroup and/or solo meeting is unrepresented and has not received these documents,  please consult with your members as to electing someone to be a delegate, and notify so that your delegate can be included in the email/document list. Each SCA meeting has one vote, and a delegate from an intergroup may represent one or more meetings for voting purposes.If you have any questions about the conference, or if you would like to become more active in the ISO is, please contact Gordon at:

New SCA literature available

SPONSORSHIP IN SCA – A new ISO approved piece of literature now available for purchase.  Ask if your local intergroup has it or order it on-line at:

SPOSponsorship in SCA $3.50

Experience, strength and hope discussion of Sponsorship as a tool of the program. Topics include setting expectations, finding a sponsor, and guidance on the conduct of the sponsor-sponsee relationship (18 pages).