ISO Service Opportunity – Archivist

Hi.  My name is Dan and I am a sex addict and the current Chair of SCA’s International Service Organization.

An important but often overlooked service position for SCA’s International Service Organization is that of ISO Archivist.

It is important to have safe and orderly files of important ISO documents.  As part of his/her service, the Archivist may choose to investigate saving these items electronically. 

The ISO archives are currently stored in New York City in a space shared with the SCA New York Intergroup for their archives.  It would be important keep separate the two archives.  

One would not necessarily need to be an elected ISO Representative or attend the annual ISO Conference to serve as ISO Archivist, but that person would be considered part of ISO’s Fiduciary Committee currently chaired by Sid W., would need to join the Fiduciary Committee Google group and also the general ISO e-mail List Serve.
If you are interested in serving in this position, please feel free to contact me at

Yours in recovery,

Dan W.

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