ISO Service Opportunity – Recording Secretary

Hi.  My name is Dan and I am the current Chair of SCA’s International Service Organization.

An important function to the operation of SCA’s International Service Organization is recording the official minutes of SCA’s annual International Service Conference.  

If this person is not an elected ISO Representative, it is possible that airfare and housing to/from the annual ISO Conference could be arranged with approval of ISO’s Executive Committee.  Next year’s ISO Conference will be in San Diego and the 2012 ISO Conference is planned for Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  (We truly are an “international” organization.)

The person serving as Recording Secretary would be considered part of ISO’s Fiduciary Committee, which is currently chaired by Sid W., and this service position would necessitate joining the Fiduciary Committee’s Google group and the ISO e-mail list serve
One would not necessarily need to own their own lap top, but the ability to type is essential.  The Recording Secretary is expected to turn around draft minutes of the ISO Conference within 30 days of the conclusion of the conference.

An ambitious recording secretary would also record minutes for our four ISO Conference Calls in between ISO Conferences.  The ISO Conferences currently uses a conference call system that records the proceedings which will help the Recording Secretary to deliver quality and accurate minutes.

If you are interested and available for this important service, please contact me at

Yours in recovery,

Dan W.

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