How Do I Get Involved with SCA’s International Service Organization?

SCA’s International Service Organization (ISO) is the service body responsible for SCA as a whole. 

The natural progression of service within SCA usually starts with personal and meeting level service
as a secretary, treasurer, literature representative, sponsor, greeter,
etc., followed by a period of service with a local Intergroup, either as a meeting’s
Intergroup Representative and/or on their local service board for the area. 
Each Intergroup’s elect ISO Representatives to attend the annual
International Service Conference.  ISO is also served by several other
members of SCA who do service in a variety of ways for ISO and SCA as a

Among ISO’s tasks include developing, publishing and distributing SCA-ISO conference-approved literature; internal communications within SCA; answering our postal mail, e-mail and telephone communications;  outreach to hospitals, institutions, the legal system, mental and sexual health professionals, and other 12-Step S-fellowships; developing content for and maintaining the website; accounting for SCA’s finances; recording the minutes for our meetings; archiving important documents; and a myriad of other tasks in service to SCA’s Intergroups and the fellowship as a whole.  It takes many trusted servants to make all of this happen to help individuals, meetings and Intergroups around the globe carry the message of SCA recovery.

Service supports our both sexual sobriety and our recovery.  Some would
quote the old 12-step adage, “You need to give it away in order to keep
it.”  If you are looking for a new service commitment and a new challenge, then perhaps you might consider serving at the ISO level.

There most basic way to get involved with ISO is to request to be added to the ISO e-mail list serve.  To request to join the ISO list-serve, please send an e-mail to

You might stand for election as an ISO Representative for your local Intergroup.  If your meeting does not belong to an Intergroup, then your meeting may elect it’s own ISO Representative to attend the ISO Conference.

Another way to get involved that does not necessarily require attendance at the annual ISO Conference, although all SCA members are welcome to attend, is to join one of ISO’s three standing committee’s by requesting to join their Google group.

The three standing committees of ISO are as follows.


  John F.

* The Inreach Committee is responsible for contact between ISO and
the Fellowship as a whole. 
* It serves as the primary communication
channel between ISO and the various Intergroups and meetings.
* It maintains contact information for Intergroups, or where there
is no Intergroup, individual meetings.
* It solicits and
develops SCA literature.
* It oversees publication of the
SCAnner (currently an online blog at
* It gathers information on perceived needs of
meetings, and provides support for isolated meetings.
Except for the Outside Director positions, it solicits nominations for
vacancies as they occur in the Executive Committee or the Standing

Chair:    Joe S.

* The Outreach Committee is responsible for contact between ISO and
those outside the Fellowship.
* It deals with requests
from the media and develops a public information policy in alignment
with the 12 Traditions.
* It handles relations with
hospitals, prisons and other institutions, other 12-Step Fellowships, as
well as professional associations.
* It takes
responsibility for communications to ISO, whether by postal mail, electronic
mail, telephone or other means.
* It solicits nominations for
vacancies as they occur in the Outside Director positions.


Chair:   Sid W.

* The Fiduciary Committee is responsible for the daily business of
* It maintain ISOs financial records and is
responsible for drafting its annual budget, and overseeing its bank
accounts, whose signatories are designated by ISO.
* It
publishes and distributes ISO-approved SCA literature in a timely
* It manages literature sales and inventory.
* It handles legal records, including copyrights of ISO literature.
* It maintains the ISO Archives.
* It produces minutes
of ISO meetings.

Please contact me at if you have any questions about how or where to get involved.

Yours in Recovery,

Dan W.

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