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The Washington Intergroup produces a newsletter six times a year. The most recent features a “My Story” by Craig C. and an article about the Sexual Recovery Plan by Randy G. Here are some excerpts.

From Craig:

My experience with SCA was a beacon of hope for me. In my first meeting, I
immediately recognize at least two people in the meeting from my past
hookups. Although I was a little afraid that people who I used to know in
my life would know my secret, I realize now that’s the point – to not
to have secrets about this. If there is one activity that has given me my
year of sobriety, it’s been the ability to come into an SCA meeting and
to talk about my addiction to include my fears, triumphs and trials. My
relationship with my partner has become even stronger, and we are both
growing as individuals and as couples. And for that I am grateful. 

From Randy:

That is why I need a recovery plan, and why I always have to think clearly
about the choices I am making and their impact on not just myself but the
other important people in my life; my family. I have been blessed with a
very supportive, caring wife and children, but it will always continue to
depend on my choices to stay sexual sober and follow the recovery plan
that I need to achieve that goal.

An archive of the DC newsletters, including the latest one, is available at:

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