Los Angeles SCA Workshop

Stepping Through The Holidays
(Sober, Sane, Serene)
9:00 AM -­‐ 2:00 PM
7377 Santa Monica Blvd,
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(park on north lot only)

Please bring: AA Big Book, AA 12 & 12, Large notebook, Pen, Pencil
Donation: $10.00

HOLIDAYS can be emotionally charged for many addicts. We have expectations about what’s the “spirit of Christmas” and whether we’re part of it; how, when, where and with whom I’m to share this special time. Does the celebration bring a renewed faith in our HP, feelings of being safe, loved and belonging with “good will to all men.” Or instead, are we overcome with isolation, self loathing (what’s wrong with me that I can’t do and feel what I see others are enjoying), depression and hopelessness.

FAMILY visits can also be be emotionally charged. We may have unresolved issues with other family members that trigger old pain by seeing them again in old familiar locations. We may come from a dysfunctional family where we’re the only one in recovery and they still practice the old behaviors: pitting self will, demands and manipulations against other family to get what they want. This causes other members to resist and retaliate in kind. A family engrossed in a constant collision of wills isn’t a safe environment for an addict.

HOLIDAYS and FAMILY combined can threaten our newfound sobriety or recovery. This workshop will identify the people where you feel discomfort and show you how to apply the Steps using specific suggestions from the AA Big Book and 12 & 12. You will come out with a new PLAN OF ACTION based upon the AA 12 steps instead of your old tools for coping with Family and Holidays.

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