June 20th Meditation: Staying Current Through the Tenth Step

Thursday, June 20th

I get a daily reprieve based on the maintenance of my spiritual condition.

Many of us tend to group and label the Steps with general descriptions, such as “asking for help,” “cleaning house,” “restoring relationships,” and “helping others.”

We might categorize Step Ten as a “maintenance step,” meaning that having done all that work, we want to hold onto what we have achieved.

However, working Step Ten is a growth process, not merely maintenance. Living this step enables us to adapt to changes rather than stagnate, which may lead to regression. We can think of Step Ten as the ongoing practice of Steps Four through Nine, and it helps us stay current with these precepts for the rest of our lives.

There is no standard way of working this Step. Some may do a brief Step Ten inventory daily, perhaps at bedtime. Others might do a spot check at any time during the day, reviewing some action or dialogue that has just taken place. When we are wrong, we can “promptly admit it” on the spot. Some of us might journal our tenth Step to practice rigorous honesty with ourselves and our Higher Power. We can use journal entries to review our progress.

Continuing to take personal inventory keeps our spiritual fitness in shape. 

June 19th Meditation: Replacing Our Old Behaviors

Wednesday, June 19th

I want to replace my harmful acting out behavior with positive new behaviors. 

As recovering sexual compulsives, we might be confused or fearful about how to construct the third column, or outer circle, of our Sexual Recovery Plan. Sexual compulsion may currently dominate our lives to the extent that we cannot focus on the prospect of activities to replace it.

In early recovery, we hear about the purpose of a Sexual Recovery Plan. We try to identify which sexual activities have harmed us or others and determine the actions needed to change those behaviors.

We cannot get sober in a vacuum. Merely stopping the destructive behavior is just the beginning: we strive to replace our acting out with healthy new activities.

We try to be realistic by engaging in activities that we are willing to do and find enjoyable. There is no need to add activities simply to impress others. We decide what works for us at this moment and can freely adjust our list at any time.

We recognize our desires and then decide how to realize them. We can seek our Higher Power’s guidance in determining which fulfilling activities may be appropriate for us. Over time, we will find it easier to integrate them into our daily lives.

For me, abstinence is not recovery; living in my third column is.

SCA Daily Meditations e-book now available

Our Journey of Recovery: SCA Daily Meditations is now available in e-book format through Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Books for $7.99. We will continue to post today’s (and tomorrow’s) meditation for free on our website each day. However, e-book users can click the “List of Titles” (an index) on each page to choose any topic or issue mentioned in any part of the book and instantly click the relevant texts. A slogan index is also linked to those texts. SCA plans to produce a print version of this book later this summer. Here are the links to the three e-book platforms.