New York meetings: The Big Move

Several New York meetings are held at GMHC. Here is an update:

For those new or not yet aware, the current GMHC
location is closing
and moving soon. According to
announcements at GMHC and on their website:

“The move is
scheduled for April 15-18. The goal is to be up and running
on Tuesday, April 19. We are trying to make this move as
minimally disruptive as possible. In the meantime, please
visit our website ( and you can check
out our second video, hosted by Jeff Rindler, Managing
Director of Program Services and Evaluation, and Jennay
Thompson, Director of Coordinated Care. In this video, we
provide a tour of the 6th floor and give you a glimpse of
the new kitchen and dining room, which is almost completed.

GMHC website

GMHC meetings will start at the new facility Tuesday,
April 19th.
(As currently planned – stay tuned)

If you are an SCA representative for a GMHC meeting, please
contact GMHC
to confirm that your meeting will be moving to the new facility. 
Each SCA meeting is
autonomous and must make this decision and contact on their own.
It is suggested
to hold a quick business meeting to discuss your group’s

The contact information is on their website:

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