SCA literature on Amazon Kindle

Update: Amazon is now charging 99 cents for each pamphlet and $6.40 for the Little Blue Book (a 20% discount off the cover price).


FYI, there are now Kindle editions of the four pieces of literature we
have been testing in electronic format. Secret Shame has been on Kindle
for a while, the other three have just come online.

Google is expected to launch its “Google Editions” competitor to Amazon by year’s end and should have the same four titles.


Sexual Compulsives Anonymous: A Program of Recovery | … $6.40

Q&A: A Guide to Newcomers to Sexual Compulsives Anonymous |  … 99 cents

What About Masturbation? |  … 99 cents

Secret Shame: Sexual Compulsion in the Lives of Gay Men and Lesbians | …  
99 cents

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