Healthy Dating Workshop in LA

As part of its 12th Step outreach, LA Intergroup is participating in the following workshop…

Discover the Tools of Healthy Dating

For Better Intimacy in Relationships


TIME:  7:00 pm SHARP
LOCATION: The Village at Ed Gould Plaza

1125 N. McCadden Place
Los Angeles, CA  90038

RSVP: No need to RSVP — just show up…on time, please!

EVENT COST: This is a free event.

Never mind the breaking
news about Tiger Woods, George Michael or David Duchovny who plays a
sex addict on TV. Have you ever wondered if you or your friends are in
healthy dating relationships?  Is the definition of intimacy getting naked together, or is it something more?  What is healthy dating and how can that be pursued? What’s the difference between lust and healthy sexual desires?

many men, sexual compulsive behaviors are a way of trying to fill an
emotional void that’s rarely satiated by one-night stands,
masturbation, hours and hours of viewing Internet porn, or even
engaging in loving, monogamous sex, all to achieve euphoric thrills of

In this frank and candid Q &A workshop, your questions and concerns can be explored in complete anonymity led by a panel of volunteers of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, a 12-step program.

men have an unusually intense sex drive and may experience an unhealthy
preoccupation with sex, despite the negative consequences they bring.

Participants will
explore the 14 characteristics of a sexually compulsive person and
answer 20 questions that will help define their human sexuality.

Whether you are single
or in a relationship, this workshop will explore on a personal level
how today’s active man can come to terms with becoming better partners
and living happier more fulfilled lives.

Refreshments, literature and fellowship after the meeting will be offered.

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