DC’s latest newsletter

Washington DC Intergroup offers a new issue of its newsletter.

This issue contains an article by J.G. titled, “Relationships, Codependency, and Recovery”:

Interacting with my boyfriend can trigger my character defects, and without noticing it, I may regress. My major character defects are being controlling, dishonest, mistrusting, and selfish. In my experience, these come up regularly and can cause problems if I am not working my program.

as well as “My Story” by C.S.:

Reality was smacking me in the forehead and in an instant it became clear that my life was indeed totally out of control. The discovery by my partner last November saved my life. It gave me the first opportunity to examine my character defects, understand what it was that had happened, and how to begin looking at a future with healthy relationships and friendships.

You can find the latest issue, as well as an archive of past issues, at:

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