Los Angeles Intergroup Service Day

LOTS to do!

Jump start your recovery and jump into service!

WHEN: Saturday,
June 19, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

South Broadway, Los
Angeles, California 90012

  • Monthly
    workshop for newcomers,
  • Monthly workshop for Spanish language
  • Literature “If you were sent here by the courts”
    with FAQ,
  • Court Forms uploaded to web site,
  • business card driving
    traffic to website,
  • New website and phone number updated in all
    public information materials — frontiers, blade, Adelante, village
    newsletter, court outreach letter, therapists outreach letter,
  • Updated procedures and committee for answering Google voice calls,
  • Media response plan.
  • Media contact information updated on website,
  • Newcomer “best practices” document,
  • Sample meeting script
    language and “welcome message” and procedures,
  • Updated
    intergroup meeting list {including email and phone number) with
    current secretary, treasurer and intergroup rep for each meeting,
  • New
    meeting drop kit,
  • List of possible new meeting locations and times,
  • Updated Spanish language information on website,
  • H&I committee
    procedures and pool of speakers for speaker panels,
  • refreshed and
    updated court outreach campaign,
  • Refreshed
    and updated therapists and psychiatrists outreach campaign.

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