News from Belgium

Belgium has recently held its national Intergroup meeting and will be sending an update. In the meantime, they want people to note that the Brussels meeting is in a new location (same time as before).



Meetings are conducted in Flemish. There are often speakers of English
and/or French in attendance as well. Please visit the Belgium website
for additional details.

Louis Straussstraat 3
Exporex (next to Christ the King Church)
Every Monday from 20 to 22h.

Goede Bijstandsstraat 5
Every Tuesday from 20 to 22h.

Tenderstraat 14
Every first and third Tuesday of the month from 20h to 22h.

Ravenstraat 98
(Access: opposite nr. 99, go under the building through the Dominicans
Fathers to the rear building, where you enter through the glass door
and knock on the door with the “SCA” sign)
Every Thursday from 20 to 22h.

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