History of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous in Toronto, Canada

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous in Toronto was started by two members who were looking for a different approach to “S” recovery from that of another “S” program. Colin K. recounts: “David M. and I were members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) for several years and, in the summer of 2000, we talked about bringing another ‘S’ fellowship to Toronto.  I believed that this was necessary at the time because I wanted to reclaim my sexuality in a healthy way, and there was not a lot of experience, strength and hope that would suggest that our fellow SLAA members were doing this – particularly for those of us who were single.”

“David M. and I met for coffee and looked over the literature we had received from SCA and another fellowship that dealt with sexual compulsion, namely Sex Addicts Anonymous  (SAA). I liked the tools that SCA had to offer. In particular, I liked the concept of the Sexual Recovery Plan and the fact that SCA was founded by gay men, and inclusive of all sexual orientations (David and I were both gay).  The Sexual Recovery Plan was very appealing – sobriety was self-defined as before by listing the behaviors to be avoided, however, on the other side, there was a list of the things that were to be added to make recovery worthwhile.  This could include actions that would result in attaining a healthy sexuality. Sexual Recovery Plans differed from member to member, and were based on personal history and circumstances.”

“The Sexual Recovery Plan was like a breath of fresh air.  There were a couple of additional factors that swayed us – the term ‘sexual compulsive’ was a bit easier to swallow for newcomers who may have had difficulty with the term ‘sex addict,’ as well as the fact that the preamble stated that the intent was not to repress our God-given sexuality.  We were sold on SCA, and agreed to move forward with our plan and bring SCA to Toronto.  We initially decided that two meetings per week would be held. In a subsequent coffee meeting, we used the SCA Blue Book to draw up the format for our meetings. The basic format was this – we would read from SCA material then share on the reading, followed by a ‘getting current’ sharing segment (also known as ‘open sharing’). This basic format has survived to the present day, although some additional wording has been included and minor changes have been made to it along the way.” 

“In August, 2000, we commenced a search for meeting locations.  We approached local churches and institutions, such as hospitals and community centres.  We decided on the Women’s College Hospital at 76 Grenville Street as a meeting place due to its central location, good conference room, close proximity to the Church-Wellesley gay village, and ‘pay what you can’ approach to rent.  There were no other Twelve Step groups meeting there at the time, and it was felt that this would give the group a new and fresh start. Also, scheduling of the meetings was easier at the hospital, as the other potential locations were already hosting a number of community groups, and scheduling our chosen meeting days would therefore have been more difficult elsewhere.”

The first meeting of SCA in Toronto took place at the beginning of October, 2000. Meetings were held on Sunday evenings and Thursday nights. SCA in Toronto celebrates our founding anniversary on the First of October.

Colin K. continues:  “Our first meeting consisted mainly of SLAA members who knew us. These people continued to attend, but most did not want to leave SLAA.  We soon realized the need for community outreach in order to carry the message and to build our membership. We approached the LGBT newspaper ‘Xtra!’ in order to obtain an Xtra phone extension.  Xtra was the most widely circulated free gay newspaper in the city, and provided groups that served the LGBT community with an extension to their main phone number.  The names and extensions were published in Xtra’s weekly paper, and this service was free to non-profit community groups such as ours. We signed with Xtra for our ‘Xtension Agreement’ on October 12, 2000. Our introductory message with group information was then recorded, consisting of the SCA preamble and the times and location of our two weekly meetings.  This was updated from time to time until the creation of our local website.”

The summer of 2002 brought changes to the Toronto fellowship. Women’s College Hospital had been undergoing considerable transition, and gave notice that the rent for the meeting room would be raised to a level the group could not afford. Additionally, there were tensions and divisions among a number of the members.

In September, 2002, Colin K. decided to establish another SCA meeting on Fridays. He relates: “At the time, it was thought that attending a meeting at the start of a weekend would give members enough strength to last through the weekend.  An application had been submitted to the local LGBT Community Centre (The 519 Church Street Community Centre) in September, 2002, however, we did not hear back from them for some time. As a result, St. Luke’s United Church at 353 Sherbourne Street was approached in early October, 2002.  The church was agreeable to hosting our meetings.  Our first meeting there took place on Friday, October 18, 2002.  The group met here until December 27, 2002.  At that point, we were informed that the board of the 519 Church Street Community Centre had finally approved our application for the use of their space.  The meeting never really took off at St. Luke’s and so the members decided to move to The 519.  Another issue was that the 7th Tradition collections could not cover the $75 per month fee that St. Luke’s United Church was requesting.”

“It was hoped that the gay village location and popularity of the 519 Church Street Community Centre would attract more newcomers.  Also, there was no set room rental fee at the community centre, and this was very helpful until such time as we were able to ‘get on our feet’ financially. Meetings at The 519 began on Friday, January 3, 2003.”

The Women’s College Hospital meetings closed in October, 2002. David M. and Tony I. set up a new meeting at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, 188 Carlton Street on Tuesday evenings. Initially, this was an SCA meeting and attended by many of the members from the Women’s College Hospital meeting along with the other new meeting at the 519 Church Street Community Centre. Some weeks later though, David M. and Tony I. explored the Sex Addicts Anonymous fellowship, contacting their International Service Organization, and the Tuesday SCA meeting at St. Peter’s was converted to an SAA meeting. This represented the founding of SAA in Toronto. 

SCA in Toronto therefore continued with one meeting per week, on Fridays at the 519 Church Street Community Centre, from 2003 until 2006. The Friday meeting gradually became popular and the group had a reasonable number of members so, with group agreement, Kevin B. decided to establish another meeting. There was a search for a suitable and affordable meeting place for a couple of years, and eventually the group also started meeting on Tuesday evenings at St. Andrew’s United Church, 117 Bloor Street East from Tuesday, September 26, 2006 onwards.   

The group had discussed outreach strategies at a series of business meetings from 2005 on and, with the prevailing changes in publishing and the ongoing development and expansion of the internet, a significant area of focus was the need for a website to carry the SCA message of recovery in the local area. The group set up a basic website in September, 2006.  

The two weekly SCA meetings gave members more stability and structure in which to recover, and the new website attracted more newcomers. Slowly, the Toronto fellowship grew.

SCA Toronto had had various routine dealings with SCA’s International Service Organization over the years, for literature orders and problems with literature shipments mostly, but we reached out to ISO in July, 2007 for more significant assistance with a website misdirect that meant people looking for SCA were encountering SAA locally instead. We contacted ISO again in July, 2008, when our members were ambushed after a meeting by a notorious pick-up artist who was filming a documentary. This contact led to Toronto having an ISO Representative at the Annual ISO Conference for the first time by telephone in February, 2009. SCA Toronto members then became involved in ISO Inreach Committee service work, part of which was to reach out to the former SCA group in Montreal, Quebec, which was found to have converted entirely to an SAA group. It was determined that Toronto was the only remaining city in Canada with a physical SCA presence, Ottawa meetings that we knew to have been in existence around 2003 and 2004 also having folded.

Frank H., an SCA founder from New York, visited Toronto and attended meetings for roughly a year from 2009 to 2010. Frank H. later sent us a copy of a letter dated April 1, 1985 which was part of an exchange between him and individuals of a group called “Obsessive and Compulsive Sexual Behaviour” in Toronto. This group had written to SCA in New York about sexual recovery and the SCA program. We were not aware of that group or what became of it, and to our knowledge SCA as such was not present in Toronto before October, 2000, although both the fellowships of Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) were.

With the advent of some new members with experience in other “S” fellowships and different Twelve Step programs, and a solid core group attending the two existing Toronto SCA meetings around 2010, Eugene S. started a third weekly SCA meeting on Wednesdays. The noon meeting at St. Basil’s Church Parish Office at 50 St. Joseph Street in downtown Toronto began taking place on Wednesday, March 16, 2011.

SCA Toronto hosted the Annual ISO Conference in Toronto from April 20 to 22, 2012, representing the first time the ISO Conference had been held outside the United States of America. SCA Toronto has had in-person representation at ISO Conferences subsequently.

As of this writing, SCA in Toronto continues to hold three weekly meetings, on Tuesdays at 6:15 p.m., Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. and Fridays at 6:30 p.m. respectively. Over the years, our membership has waxed and waned, but our meetings nevertheless persist. SCA Toronto is a small fellowship, but perfectly viable. All those with a desire to stop having compulsive sex and to work the SCA program of recovery from sexual compulsion can find the framework, resources and support to do so in our group!

Submitted by Colin K. and Kevin B.,

SCA Toronto, October 1, 2015.

SCA Toronto Celebrates 15 Years

October 1, 2015 marks the fifteenth anniversary of SCA meetings in Toronto.

The Toronto group decided to celebrate this occasion by having a potluck dinner and cake after the regular meeting on Friday, October 2, 2015.

The group will provide the cake, and members are requested to bring along a dish or some form of food or drink (non-alcoholic) for the potluck.

We have booked a room from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for this purpose. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. as usual.

Anyone who has attended an SCA meeting in Toronto in the past is welcome to join us for this celebration. We hope to see as many members as possible there!

To mark this occasion, the group will shortly be publishing a summary history of SCA’s presence in Toronto, in line with the ISO drive of a few years ago for individual cities to compile and submit their histories to ISO.

Happy Anniversary Toronto!

The Larger Picture – Overview of SCA and the ISO Conference by the Director at Large

This year’s ISO Conference was a resounding success in the view of the ISO Director at Large. The delegates worked well together in a cohesive manner, and tackled the agenda effectively and efficiently. A healthy group conscience was clearly evident throughout the conference. We approved pertinent literature submissions, referred other literature back for additional work, and rejected one piece of draft literature, plus a suggested wording change to one of the Tools of SCA. There was a searching discussion of the limits of the authority of the Executive Committee, and its individual officers, together with the role and authority of the annual ISO Conference itself. Of particular note was a resolution affirming that SCA’s Third Tradition includes all those wishing to recover from sexual compulsion in any and all of its manifold forms of expression, which was passed unanimously.

Focus of the Director at Large report presented to the 2015 ISO Conference and recommendations made to ISO were:

  • Define/expand job description of Director at Large
  • Expand job descriptions of Inreach, Outreach and Fiduciary Committees
  • Continue to support SCA fellowship history project, and its independence
  • Define what constitutes an SCA group and intergroup
  • Continue to prioritize definition and explanation of SCA Steps and Traditions
  • Continue to hold, strengthen and promote quarterly ISO and ISO Committee calls
  • Publicize available service positions
  • Develop ISO Service Manual
  • Promote commitment, stability and continuity in ISO service
  • Formulate plans to improve ISO’s fundraising efforts
  • Continue to prioritize, encourage and support SCA website redesign and upgrade

Conclusion & Summary

The Tools That Help Us Get Better tell us that “Service is a way of helping ourselves by helping others.”  Much of the report had a common thread: ISO needs to promote and support service in general, but also particular areas of service. ISO also needs to encourage commitment, stability and continuity in service. In the way we go about doing service, both as a service board and as individual Trusted Servants, we should not lose sight of the Traditions and core principles of the program. Some ISO service positions and areas need to be better defined.

SCA has no paid special workers. Just as we are self-supporting in financial terms, so must we be self-supporting in the service that is done to keep all the varied areas of the fellowship going. In order to carry the message of recovery, the fellowship needs strong Seventh Tradition contributions from all quarters.

In service,

Kevin B

New Friday Telephone Meeting

Online Intergroup is delighted to announce the start of a new weekly SCA telephone meeting on Fridays. The Friday meetings will start at 2 p.m. New York (Eastern) time and run for one hour, with time allowed at the end for informal chat and fellowship, similar to the existing meetings. 

Equivalent start times in other zones are: 11 a.m. Los Angeles (Pacific) time, 12 p.m. Denver/Saskatoon (Mountain) time, 1 p.m. Chicago/St. Louis (Central) time, 7 p.m. London/Dublin time (BST) and 8 p.m. Paris/Vienna/Berlin time (CEST). Equivalents for Australia are Saturday at 5:00 a.m. Sydney/Melbourne time (AEDT), and for New Zealand, Saturday at 7:00 a.m. Christchurch/Auckland/Wellington time (NZDT). 

The first such meeting will be held on Friday, April 4, 2014, and the above start times are accurate for that date, allowing for the change to Daylight Saving Time in most of Europe the weekend before. Australia and New Zealand’s start date will be Saturday, April 5, 2014. 

This brings the regular weekly telephone meetings now on offer through Online Intergroup to three meetings total per week, on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sunday and Wednesday meetings will continue to start at 4 p.m. New York (Eastern) time as usual. 

Members interested in attending can sign up in one of three ways: 

  1. Via the Online SCA website at http://www.onlinesca.org/telephoneaccess.htm. (New and existing telephone meeting members).
  2. Via the OI Moderator Gmail address used by Online Intergroup for correspondence with telephone meeting members. (Existing telephone meeting members).
  3. Via the Chairperson or Telephone Meeting Coordinators during the course of a telephone meeting. Please let the relevant Trusted Servant know at the end of any phone meeting that you would like to be registered for the new Friday meeting. (Existing telephone meeting members). 

NOTE: The Friday meeting will be OPT IN for all EXISTING telephone meeting members, who must specifically request to be registered for it. Going forward, the Friday meeting will be OPT OUT for all NEW telephone meeting members, who will automatically be registered for all three weekly telephone meetings unless they specifically opt out of one or more days upon sign-up. 

All SCA Online Intergroup telephone meetings are open to all SCA members worldwide, members of other “S” fellowships, and anyone qualifying under the Third Tradition. 

The Friday meetings will be held via the Calliflower conference call service that is used by the existing telephone meetings, as well as by ISO and several committees. This allows most people to call in free or at low cost through several common internet telephony services, depending on where you live, and at normal local tariffs via regular phone to local numbers provided by the conference call service in many parts of the world. In rare cases, long distance charges may apply. 

Current free options are Calliflower Connect, Calliflower’s custom internet phone service, Google Voice, Google Talk, Gmail Call Phone and Skype-to-Skype calls. (Google calls are currently free within the USA and Canada but low cost from outside North America). SCA does not endorse or recommend any of these companies, they are mentioned merely as service providers enabling the weekly telephone meetings to occur, and are for use or not by members at their sole discretion. 

Please pass this news on. An updated flyer will be circulated for distribution around the fellowship in due course. 

Do join us on the line on Fridays if you can, and be sure to let your groups, members and friends know about this exciting new recovery option!

In service,

Kevin – Online Intergroup

TO BE or TO GET a Sponsor

SPONSOR–Calling all sponsors!

“Sponsorship is two people with the same problem helping each other to work the program. It can provide a framework for a sexual recovery plan and for doing the Twelve Steps, and can bring emotional support at difficult times.”


The Inreach Committee of the SCA International Service Organization (ISO) is setting up an out-of-meeting sponsor pool for SCA members worldwide who are in need of sponsorship. This is a great way to do service and carry the message to those members who are in countries, cities and places where there are limited or no face-to-face SCA meetings, or to loners and isolated meetings. Contact can be by telephone, mail, email, Skype and internet messaging services!

If you are interested in providing distance sponsorship and helping another member to work the program, please supply the following information:

  • First Name and Last Name Initial
  • City and Country of Residence
  • Postal address and/or email address
  • Phone number (optional) – indicate best time to call/restrictions
  • Languages – spoken or written, plus degree of fluency
  • Background details – time in recovery, areas of familiarity e.g. sexual anorexia, internet addiction etc., other recovery programs, will sponsor men, women or both, preferred method of communication, other pertinent details.
  • Any questions that you may have.

Send details by email to: sca.iso.inreach@gmail.com 

OR by mail to:
SCA Inreach Committee
P.O. Box 1585, Old Chelsea Station
New York, N.Y. 10011

NOTE: Your contact information will only be given to SCA members that request a sponsor via the SCA Inreach Committee Sponsor List. SCA members worldwide are welcome to put their names on the list and become an out-of-meeting sponsor.

“Service is a way of helping ourselves by helping others.”

Telephone Meeting News

The following is being posted to the SCAnner, ISO List, Inreach Committee List, Outreach Committee, Fiduciary Committee, Online Intergroup Ops. List, and members of the Sunday and Wednesday telephone meetings. 

The Sunday telephone meeting recently celebrated its second anniversary, and the Wednesday telephone meeting is steaming towards its first, in October! Happy anniversary to all our members! 

There are now some 205 members registered for Sundays, and 140 members registered for Wednesdays. In other words, our total membership has tripled in the past year! Members to date hail from various parts of the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and New Zealand. 

Sundays are usually attended by between 10 to 15 members, and our biggest meeting so far has been 18 members.  Wednesdays are usually attended by between 5 to 10 members, and our biggest meeting so far has been 15 members. 

Both meetings are weekly at 4 p.m. New York/Eastern Time, 3 p.m. Chicago/Central Time, 2 p.m. Denver/Mountain Time and 1 p.m. Los Angeles/Pacific Time. They both last for one hour, with the line being left open and time allowed afterwards for fellowship and informal conversation. 

Each meeting has a separate group email list which is open to members who have attended six or more telephone meetings. Each email list is closed and only circulated to those members who are on it. In this way, members are able to be in contact with each other in between meetings if they like, similar to the workings of a phone list at face-to-face meetings. 

In view of the substantial growth to date, and looking towards the future, this year saw the adoption of a Telephone Meeting Service Structure by Online Intergroup and the Sunday and Wednesday telephone meetings. This sets out the various service roles involved in running the telephone meetings such as the Telephone Meeting Steering Committee, Telephone Meeting Coordinators, Telephone Meeting Moderator Captain, and Telephone Meeting Moderators, and formalizes their respective duties. 

We currently have 11 trained moderators who chair the meetings, meaning that 5% of our members are actively involved in service. We are grateful for this service but would like to see the pool increase. It is not difficult to learn the additional Calliflower features that are needed to chair a phone meeting once you are familiar with attending the meetings and signing on to Calliflower online. Moderator training takes about an hour. Anyone interested in chairing can let any of the existing chairpersons know, or send an email to the OI Moderator email address which is supplied to all members on registration. 

Upcoming plans are for a standard reading list to be drafted for readings at the telephone meetings, to give chairpersons some guidelines for what would generally be appropriate reading at the meetings. It is intended that the list will focus on SCA literature, other “S” literature and other 12 Step programs’ conference approved literature, but still be flexible. The general thrust of the effort is that SCA’s primary purpose of staying sexually sober ourselves and helping others to achieve sexual sobriety is paramount, and that the newcomer especially has to be borne in mind where readings are concerned, as well as those in early recovery. 

The telephone meeting flyer has been updated to include the new telephone meetings access link at the new Online SCA web address Online Intergroup purchased earlier this year. The flyer is now being distributed throughout the fellowship in three versions, the international one being that reflecting the 4 p.m. New York start time. We have included additional formats for Pacific (Los Angeles) and Central (Chicago/St. Louis) times in view of the substantial SCA populations in those areas. Please circulate these to your members, groups and intergroups as appropriate. 

Telephone meetings are a great means of recovery for those who are unable to get to face-to-face meetings, for those who have limited meetings in their area and/or want to supplement their face-to-face attendance, for those members who are travelling, who are perhaps confined by illness, or who have special concerns about anonymity and the like. Above all, telephone meetings are a great way to keep sober! 

The Calliflower conference call service we use provides local numbers in many cities worldwide, and Skype-to-Skype or Google Voice calls are free. If you or someone you know are interested in attending a telephone meeting, but are not yet registered, please sign up via the SCA Online Intergroup website at http://www.onlinesca.org/telephoneaccess.htm. 

Thanks to all those who have helped to make the telephone meetings a success! 

In service,  

Kevin – SCA Toronto

& Online Intergroup  

New Wednesday SCA Telephone Meeting

following is being posted to the SCAnner, ISO List, Inreach Committee List,
Outreach Committee, Fiduciary Committee, Online Intergroup Ops. List, and
members of the Sunday telephone meeting.

We are very
pleased to announce that a new weekly telephone meeting will be starting on
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 under the auspices of Online Intergroup. The
meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. New York time every Wednesday. Services like
www.timeanddate.com can tell you the equivalent time in
your location. The new Wednesday meeting will largely mirror the existing
Sunday telephone meeting. The meeting will be conducted in English.

members worldwide are welcome to attend, as are members from other “S”
fellowships, and anyone qualifying under SCA’s Third Tradition.

The meeting
will be hosted via the Calliflower Conference Call system that is currently
being used by the Sunday telephone meeting, ISO and several ISO Committees.
This allows most people to call in free via Skype to Skype bridge, free or at
low cost via Google Voice or Gmail Call Phone depending on where you live, and
at normal local tariffs via regular phone to local numbers provided by Calliflower
in many areas. In rare cases, long distance charges may apply.

If you wish
to attend a telephone meeting, or are already a participant in the Sunday
meeting and also want to attend the Wednesday meeting, please register in one
of the following ways:

an email with your first name and last initial, plus the email address to which
your Calliflower invitation and weekly reminders should be sent, to:

up via the SCA website at:

Please specify which meetings you wish to attend, e.g.
“Wednesdays” or “Sundays” or “Wednesdays and Sundays.”

General background information on
participating can be viewed in previous SCAnner postings about the Sunday
telephone meeting:



Intergroup is excited to be offering this additional meeting option, and we
hope it will prove to be a success. Its viability will depend not only on
members attending, but also on members getting involved in telephone meeting
service, and chairing in particular. Both telephone meetings are looking for
volunteers, and training is offered.

An updated
flyer for the telephone meetings is also being distributed throughout the
fellowship. Please circulate it and pass this news on to groups and members

In service,

Kevin – SCA Toronto

& Online Intergroup 

SCA Toronto Step Study Group

“The spiritual life is not a theory. We have to live it.” Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter Six, “Into Action” – Page 83.


SCA Toronto is putting on a Step Study Group so members who wish
to can work through the 12 Steps together in a group setting.


Details of the Step Study are as follows:


Andrew’s United Church, 117 Bloor Street East, Toronto

DAY: Wednesdays

TIME: 7:30 p.m.
to 9:30 p.m.

mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";
color:black”>Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Step Study is expected to last up to a year, and, as well as the 12
Steps, will include a section on drafting Sexual Recovery Plans. Space is
limited, and priority will be given to SCA members.

This is a great opportunity for members who have not worked through the Steps
to do so, or for members who have had difficulty completing certain Steps to do
so in a structured setting, or for members who have completed the Steps to do a
refresher. We will use a variety of materials, but the Step Study will largely
be based on “Hope & Recovery” and “Hope & Recovery – the
Workbook.” Members attending should have copies of these books. A list of
other resources we will be using will be provided to participants at a later

It is intended that this Step Study will take a thorough and comprehensive
approach to the 12 Steps and recovery from sexual compulsion. Please note this
is a special purpose group and not a regular meeting, and consistent attendance
over the full course of the Step Study is encouraged. The first three meetings will be open for people to see
if they wish to attend, then thereafter the group will be closed to only those
members who have attended up to that point.

More details will be provided to interested members. Please confirm by email to
scatoronto@hotmail.com if you will be attending.

Public Service Video

David N., our Literature
Distribution Chair in New York, has volunteered to initiate the process of creating a video
which will be used to carry the message of recovery in SCA to the
still-suffering addict. 

The Outreach Committee is forming a committee to create the
format and content of this video. If you are interested in participating in
this process, please contact Joe S., Chair of the Outreach Committee, by email
at: outreach@sca-recovery.org

Telephone Meeting Anniversary

Intergroup is pleased to report that the Sunday telephone meeting, held each
Sunday at 4 p.m. New York time, is celebrating its first anniversary next week!

The meeting
has been going well, and has grown nicely over the past year. We now have some 70
members signed up, of whom roughly 10 attend a given meeting. Like any meeting,
there is a small core group of people who attend most weeks, and a larger group
of people who attend now and then.

The format
of the telephone meeting is much like many face-to-face meetings. We start with
basic readings from SCA literature such as the Statement of Purpose, Characteristics
and Steps, then we usually have a short special reading to do with recovery
from sexual compulsion, from SCA’s or other recovery literature. Alternatively,
sometimes a member will give a long share for 10 to 15 minutes. After that,
members share about the reading or whatever is going on in their recovery and
lives for a few minutes each. We finish the meeting with a reading of the SCA
Closing Statement.

After the
meeting, which is usually an hour long, members who want to can stay on the
line and talk informally for a while as a form of fellowship, which gives
people an opportunity to socialize and ask questions. We have an email contact
list for members of the phone meeting who sign up for it, that is only
circulated to the members on it. That way, people can be in contact with each
other between meetings if they wish.

Most members
report that it is a warm and friendly atmosphere, despite the electronic nature
of the Calliflower conference call connection. Telephone meetings are a great
means of recovery for those who are unable to get to face-to-face meetings, who have limited meetings in their area, who are travelling, who are perhaps confined by illness, or have special concerns about
anonymity and the like. Members currently attend from various parts of North
America and Europe, and we have just registered our first member from

Intergroup hopes to expand this option and put on a second weekly telephone
meeting in addition to the Sunday meeting in the next few months. To do so, we
are in need of service people willing to moderate, and to undertake the other
service associated with a telephone meeting, such as handling email requests
from members wanting to sign up. Volunteers need to have unimpeded access to a
computer at meeting time. The technological know-how required to chair is
rudimentary, and training is offered.

If you are
interested in attending, or getting involved in telephone meeting service,
please sign up via the SCA website at
http://www.sca-recovery.org/telephoneaccess.htm or send an email to oimoderator@gmail.com.

Please pass
this information on to your groups and any members who may be interested!

In service,

Kevin – SCA Toronto

& Online Intergroup