International Fellowship Forum

The International Fellowship Forum (IFF) is composed of representatives from Sexual Add’icts Anonomous, Sex & Love Addicts Anonomous, Sexual Recovery Anonomous, Sexaholics Anonomous and Sexual Compulsives Anonomous. Its purpose is to berrer carry the missage of recovery to the suffering addict. It meets yearly and is hosted by one of the member Fellowships.

One of the results of this cooperation has been the establishment of a website,, where newcomers or members can obtain meeting information by typing in their location. Also, it is opportunity for Fellowships to share their literature with each other.

I have personally been involved in IFF since its inception in 2001, first as SCA’s International Coordinator and, presently, as Outreach Chair. The Forum has been particularly helpful to me in the area of prison outreach.

The Forum is an opportunity to practice the concept of “WE” rather than I.

800 Number respondees

Service Opportunity


800 Number Responders

Please note change in requiremants


If you have at least 6 months in Program, you are eligible to serve as a responder to the calls for help that come in on our 800 number. This service involves retrieving the calls, two days a week, and making an appropriate response.


If you are interested, please contact Joe S, Outreach Committee Chair


212 799-0952

347 420 0100




IFF Meeting


16th Annual Inter-Fellowship Forum

November 6, 2010

in Venice, CA


The IFF is a gathering of representatives of all 12-step

fellowships that deal with sex addiction, who meet annually to share their experience, strength, and hope

on items of mutual interest, such as:


Community Outreach

Prison Outreach

IFF Involvement Locally/World Wide


The IFF Mission Statement:

To promote a spirit of cooperation among S-fellowships,

with a primary purpose of reaching the still suffering addict.


Each year the IFF is hosted by one of the S-fellowships in a different city.

This year SRA is proud to host the Inter-Fellowship Forum in Venice, California.


The Forum is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at

911 Coeur D’Alene Avenue

Venice, CA 90291

(Just West of Lincoln Blvd. across from St. Mark elementary school)


For more information about the IFF please visit the IFF website at


Please contact Hank if you have any questions or wish to attend the Forum:  /  818.426.1611

800 number response

There is a service position available to anyone who has at least a year on a sexual recovery plan.

Volunteers from anywhere in the United States or Canada are needed to respond to the calls that come in on our 800 number. It is a two-day commitment every week and should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. If you are interested, please contact, 1 212 799 0952, 1 646 415 1542. I am the Chair of ISO’s Outreach Committee.