ISO Upcoming Elections

The SCA’s International Service Organization (ISO) will hold service position elections at it’s April 19-21st annual ISO conference. Three Executive Committee positions will be elected, or re-elected: Inreach Committee Chair, the Director-at-Large, and the Fiduciary Committee Chair/Co-Chair.

The Fiduciary Committee is responsible for the daily business of the ISO.  It maintains ISO’s financial records and is responsible for its budget and for its bank accounts, whose signatories are designated by ISO.  It publishes and distributes ISO approved SCA literature in a timely manner.  It manages literature sales and inventory.  It handles legal records, including copyrights of ISO literature.  It maintains the ISO Archives. It produces minutes of ISO and Executive Committee meetings.

Anyone who has been a SCA member for 2 or more years and who currently has one or more years of sobriety on their Sexual Recovery Plan is welcome to submit their name for consideration. Any member can nominate another member who meets those requirements. Please contact the Nominating Committee’s Tony D.  at”

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